Mercato delle Erbe

Visit Bologna's biggest covered market offering a wide variety of fragrances, flavours and people.

Open every day, its colourful stalls stock all the best produce from organic to DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) and DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) food and drink.

This magical place attracts local shoppers, university students and tourists, all enjoying the everuday life of Bologna, worlp-renowned for its love of food.

Once you've done the shopping, in the most authentic 'Made in Bologna' style, stop for an aperitif or dinner, although it's hard to choose between the cafés, wine bars and restaurants, a slice of freshly baked pizza, a sophisticated dish or a good local Lambrusco. Buon Appetito!

Mercato delle Erbe, via Ugo Bassi 23-25 Open Monday to Saturday 7.00-24.00 (closed on Sundays)


Sightseeing Tour of BolognaBologna's old town centre will welcome you with its colours, porticoes, extensive pedestrian areas, local markets, Jewish ghetto, university area and the wonderful San Petronio basilica. Bologna is not a big city, it takes just a few hours to see its main attractions, such ad Piazza Maggiore and the statue pf Neptune, the seven churches of Santo Stefano,and the two Towers. It's also a good idea to get off the beaten track and see a different side to Bologna - the one the locals see every day.

Here are some tips for FondoFrancia B&B guests.

  • L'osteria del Sole, (v.lo Ranocchi 1/B), the Bolognesi have been drinking wine in this osteria since 1465! Buy some bread and ham in one of the shops nearby and sit down for a glass of red or white, still or sparkling wine: we are confident that lunch at the Osteria del Sole will be a fond memory of your time in Bologna.
  • Il Portico di San Luca - an almost 4 km walk uphill passing 600 arches may not be for everyone, but it is definitely worth it! The Bolognesi walk upto San Luca to ask for "grace" from the Virgin Mary, even if they are not devoute, or when businnes has gone well,or when  it is cold and raining and walking under the portico is the only way to take a stroll without getting wet. The hill is worth the effort: when you arrive at the Santuario, you'll be able to see a beautiful view of Bologna from above. One tip: before setting off or when you came back down,stop at Bar Billi,at the base of Meloncello. The coffe is excellent and the bar staff are great fun!
  • Giardini Margherita - the city's largest public park. If you have young childern with you, they will love the play areas and the beautiful carousel that has stayed exactly as it was when it first opened, roughly 50 years ago. For those looking something a little different, Giardini Margheritais also home to Le Serre, a regenerated multi-space for natural eating, having a drink while listening to music,shopping with ethical purchasing group (GAS) or Urban Market, as well as a shared space in the old "lion cage". 

Bologna seen from the Torre degli Asinelli


Visit Bologna's famous towers and count the 498 steps one by one as you climb the Asinelli tower all the way to the top: up there you will enjoy 360-degree views over  Bologna, taking in the old town centre and hills, and even the Adriatic Sea on clear days.

But be carefull! If you are university student, the Bolognese saying goes that you must wait until you graduate to climb the Asinelli tower, otherwise you won't graduate at all.


Via degli Albari


Take a stroll along the side streets near Piazza Maggiore and via Indipendenza, such ad Via Altabella or via degli Albari, and you will come across other medieval towers that are less well-known but perphaps even more beautiful! Did you know that were up to a hundred towers in medieval Bologna? Now only 24 are left standing, why not try to discover them all? When you are tired and hungry, if you fancy something different, try the self-service restaurant, Centro Natura, where only vegetarian food is served and mobile phones are banned!



Pedestrian Zone (T-days)


There's nothing better than reclaiming the city! Traffic-free days allow you to walk in the middle of via Rizzoli or via Ugo Bassi withno noisy mopeds, big buses or taxis getting in your way. Satuderdays and Sundays are T-Days, which means no motor vehicles are allowed in the central T zone of the city! So what are you waiting for? Get out your old roller-skates, or jump on your brand-new bike or your child's scooter: Bologna Pedonale means children are free to run around without their parents worryng, and that makes Bolognaevenmore welcoming.


Via della Grada



Cinema in Piazza Maggiore



Piazza Santo Stefano